Safari Plug-Ins – Development for Unique, Fast and Custom Browsing Experience

After years of using Netscape navigator and Internet explorer on MAC computers, Apple launched Safari, an exclusive browser for MAC machines. Safari version 1.0 was initially included as an optional web browser, because of the licensing agreement with Microsoft to package Internet Explorer in MAC Machines. After 2005, dubai desert safari was developed for being an exclusive browser for Apple devices and came packed with it. As it advanced, Apple developed Safari for Windows in the year 2007. Soon, Safari became the fastest running browser on every platform.

Apple was the first powerful platform to introduce smart phones. The smart phone industry has a deep connection with the web; which in turn, required an effective browser. With its impeccable capability, Apple successfully introduced Safari browser and Safari plug-ins development for iPhone and iPad. The browser sustained the usability test even for the miniature devices, while other web browsers were unable to web pages in a correct format and allowed limited web viewing.


Safari is unique; and therefore, it stands out of the competition. Safari has a unique design with less clutter and more browsing space for the user. Instead of a status bar, the browser incorporates a unique “gear” design to show the progress.

Apple’s Safari browser was the first to utilize private browsing, which is also called as browsing in the safe mode. Further, Safari was the first browser to play HTML5 audio and video. It enables integrating audio and video directly into traditional HTML saving development and load time.


We are familiar with various browsers, mostly with Firefox and IE. However, only Apple users know the charm of Safari. Safari is highly customizable and flexible to fit to almost every user’s need.

It integrates well with third-party modules. As productivity proves rewarding in the long run, Safari users have access to increase productivity in the near future. Apple browser maintains it clutter-free trademark and offers unique, small and removable icons.

Some of the top Safari plug-ins developments include the following:

Lasso: Lasso is a form of Safari toolbar development that allows users to collect images, videos and links from all over the web with just a click.

Twitter for Safari: A very sophisticated form of extension for Safari that brings real-time trend and information to users. Users must adopt this extension for simplified tweeting.