Online Marketing And Selling – Selling Benefits, Using Promotional Offers, Product-Selling

Online shopping makes a perfect remote connection between buyers and sellers, and involves consumers purchasing products/services over the Internet. Web selling is all about satisfying customer needs through one-to-one selling. Creating a website for the purpose of selling products or services entails a large amount of research and planning. Before you start the online selling process, it is vital that you understand the sales mechanism a little more in depth.


  • Creating user-friendly shopping site – Design your site such that it is user-friendly. This can be done once you have all the products uploaded on your site. (Do not forget to test the site’s appearance before you take your new online store live). It’s always a good idea to test your website by inviting a group of friends as visitors and asking them for an unbiased opinion on the usability of your virtual store.
  • Securing your site – Online buyers care a lot about the privacy of their financial information. As an online retailer, you have to ensure that your website provides adequate security to a customer’s credit card information, and do make visitors aware of the company’s privacy policy.
  • Exhibiting the products – It is advisable to have lots of appealing product images on your website, since they serve as the only means of a visitor in the virtual world getting to know what your product looks like. Using “Buy Now” or other relevant promotional buttons more often on the pages make your products within easy reach of the consumers. Remember that catchy captions will also work wonders on a selling campaign!
  • Acquiring delivery details – At this stage, you request the customer for delivery information like name, address and other details.
  • Accepting payment – This is the stage where you get the buyer’s credit card details and confirm the transaction by giving an order confirmation number. To re-emphasize consumer’s security consideration, the gathered privacy sensitive information should be encrypted for safety.
  • Delivering the product – Always have in mind to deliver the product in accordance with the customer’s request. posao beograd


After you are done with the uploading of products on your website, you should focus on the selling perspective if you are to make your business effective with the consumers.

  • Promote one product/service at a time – Make sure you promote only one product/service at a time and limit the buyer’s decision to either “yes” or “no”, if you desire to maximise the number of sales. Remember that every “yes” leads to an immediate sale! You can either create separate promotions for each product or service, or combine several products/services into a single package for one price. Always avoid ambiguous promotions as they can be confusing to the customer.
  • Personalize your approach – Customize your product with the proper usage of language that will set you apart from others. Good words add value to your product and attract the prospects to your shopping site. Writing your product description with the key phrases will definitely increase your search engine position in the results. Let your website approach make it easy for the prospective buyers to navigate your through your products and arrive at any necessary information with ease.
  • Don’t undervalue your product – Selling your product at a low price is often a quick way to undermine its value. Instead, offer a money-back guarantee to anyone who isn’t completely satisfied.
  • Know your competitors – Knowingabout your competitors will allow you to point out the strengths and weaknesses of comparing organisations and products. Be able to explain ‘why’ your product is better than the rest – to solve a specific need of your client.
  • Request customer testimonials – Whether they are about the product or your services in general, having quotes from paying customers will increase your chances of closing sales.


Promotional offers include festival off, seasonal discounts, free shipping, gifts, buy one & get one free offer, and other discounts like online coupons, gift vouchers that allow shoppers to enjoy attractive purchase benefits. These promotional goodies not only increase sales but also help consumers save a lot of money on a range of products and services such as garments, sports goods, stationery, cosmetics, electronics, and health products. Keep your customers updated on the latest promotional offers through email and newsletters.